Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taco's Jalisco: Viva Comida de Mexico!!!!

When I walked in to Tacos Jalisco I knew I was in for a treat as I was the only white guy and English speaker in the joint!!! Ahahahahahaha!!!! Ahhhh hahahaha!!! C'mon, I love my Latino brothers and sisters!!! I had these shrimp quesadillas that were the special of the day... I hadn't eaten anything for hours and I was famished after a long day of work. With an empty stomach and delirium spewing from my essence I bit into the shrimp quesadillas and was sent in to another reality!!! It was as though I was sitting naked in the desert at Burning Man and some stoner dropped an acid pill on my tongue!!!! But the acid wasn't a pill, it was these shrimp quesadillas from Tacos Jalisco!!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I mean good God these things were tasty!!! They were filled with stringy melted cheese, fresh shrimp, and covered in a golden crispy fried tortilla!!!!! These shrimp quesadillas very well may be the greatest Mexican food dish in the entire Orange County area!!!! In all the area!!!!!! Now, I'm not talking about the high end Mexican restaurants with master chef's working in the kitchen, I'm talking about the greatest in terms of down home, ma and pa street food!!!! They are the greatest!!!! The greatest!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Actually, there's nothing funny about that statement!!!! It's true!!!!!
But while I was sucking down those shrimp quesadillas I realized they weren't enough for me!!! It was like I was sipping a cocktail after a long week of work and had just captured a beautiful feeling buzz and I needed to nurse it and intensify it as best I could!!!!!! Something snapped inside of me upon devouring my shrimp quesadillas and I felt as though I may never have another eating moment like this again in my life!! I walked back up to the counter and ordered a carnitas plate with rice and beans and extra tortillas, 5 carne asada tacos, and a chicken quesadilla!!! My friends were like, "Damn dude, that's a lot of food." Hey! Mind your own business!! I will eat guilt free and with reckless abandonment!!! Ahhhhhhh hahahahahaha!!! If you're like me and are passionate about Mexican food, then get your arssss over to Tacos Jaliscos in Orange!!! When you're there, make sure you feel the hunger, and to eat passionately!!! Tacos Jalisco is the perfect place for that kind of eating attitude!!! Viva Mexico!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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