Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chicago's Best: The Best Kept Secret in all of OC!!!

I went to my friend Pamela one day who is a Chicago native and I asked her, "Hey uh Pamela.... Where can one find authentic Chicago food in Orange County?" Without hesitation Pamela replied, 'Chicago's Best in Irvine! That place is the real deal! I grew up in Chicago and lived there for many years. The hot dogs and Italian beef's are no different than what you will find in Chicago." OK well maybe she didn't say that word for word. I mean I can't remember everything people! Ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! But you get my drift, right?!
Let me just say, that I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be the first person on urbanspoon to review Chicago's Best! But at the same time, I honestly can't believe nobody knows about this place! This place has got to be on the verge of breaking through and absolutely exploding into an Irvine eating institution. And to be the first to review this place is humbling. When they're digging through the portals of time, they will see my name as the initial reviewer of Chicago's Best!!! This is hands down the greatest day of my life!!!! Ahahahahaha!!!!
Look, maybe it's because I'm a Chicago food virgin, but the Chicago Hot Dog here brought me to my knees! My one regret was that I got my food to-go and couldn't get back in line and order 6 more of those mothers! Jesus those things are good!! From the pickle to the seasoning to the bun to the link, it was absolutely perfect! OK, I'm going to drop a huge bomb here that people might get upset over, but here it comes... The Italian Beef Sandwich at Chicago's Best is better than Philippe's in downtown LA!!! There I said it!!!! You know what, it feels kind of good to say!! I don't regret it at all! You want to know why?!?!?! Do you?!?! Because it's a completely factual claim!!! I stand by that statement and will fight over it to the death!!!!!! To the death!!!! They say to pick your battles in life! Well saying Chicago's Best has a better sandwich than Phillipe's is a battle I will not flee from but will instead fight and fight and fight and fight and fight and fight and fight and fight and fight over!!!! You can believe that!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! All I can say is that when I review a place on urbanspoon it's because the food there moved me! And I'm not talking about bowel movements people!!! This food spoke to my soul and captivated my heart!!! We may have arrived at the pinacle of human achievement with this place!! I truthfully don't know if there is any better we can do as a society than Chicago's Best!!! Evolution has ended!! We have arrived!! Make your way over to Main St. in Irvine and you'll understand what I mean!!! Boom!!! Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha!!!!

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