Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ChickPita Fresh Mediterranean Grill & ChickPita Express: Took me Back to the Streets of Tiberias!!!

A few years back I spent a couple of weeks travelling around Israel. Look, I don't have the kind of money to where I can eat out or stay in a 4 star hotel every night while on vacation! So, it's all about slumming it in hostels and eating street food to save money!! Ahhhhhh hahahahahaha!!! For two weeks In the summer of 2009 all I ate for lunch and dinner was falafal and chicken or lamb shwerma!!! I mean, that was it in terms of food! And you know what?!?!?!?! Never got tired of it!!!!!! EVER!!!!!! Not once while I was there!!!

I was feeling a little sentimental the other day, you know, thinking about my time in Israel and I started to long for that summer again!! Actually, I got a little teary eyed..... uhhhh hold on (sniff).... I uhhh.... I just need a minute here.... hold on....(deep breath, sniff).... OK, I think I'm good. Sorry about that. Anyway, what a beautiful and amazing country! And I just wanted to relive the summer of 09 for just a few short moments!! So I looked up Mediterranean food in the OC area, and this place came to the forefront!!! And let me just say.... ChickPita Fresh Mediterranean Grill did not disappoint!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I had the falafel, chicken shwerma, and extra pita and hummus. It was a celebration!!! When I bit into that chicken shwerma the spices that met my tongue immediately whisked me away and sent me back to the smells and memories of the Arab Quarter in old town Jerusalem, just as Mohammed was whisked up and made his midnight ride from Mecca to Jerusalem!!! I mean eating this food was a supernatural experience!!!!! Wow!!!!! And that falafel tastes exactly like what you will find on the streets of Tiberias!! That's a fact!! Now all we need is a way to get some Goldstar or Maccabbee to the States and we can have a sliver of a truly authentic Mediterranean experience!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha!!!!! C'mon, somebody knows what i'm talking about, right?!?!?!?!?! Right?!?!?!?! All I have to say to those who want to eat at ChickPita Fresh Medierranean Grill is... Lahiam To Life!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

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