Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cherry Cricket: The Greatest Burger We Will Ever Know.... EVER!!!!!!!!!

I have been all over the world. I have sampled all different types of burgers, from many different restaraunts. I was in Denver recently and had heard about Duffy's Cherry Cricket and decided I needed to try it. Let me just say that this is unequivocally the greatest burger in the world!!! From the cut of beef, to the finely chopped jalepenos, to the slice of cream cheese, my taste buds have never experienced anything like it!!! Hands down the greatest burger this planet we live on will ever know!!! Oh my God!!!! I wish I was in Denver right now!!! If I were, I would pound the living hell out of those burgers until I fell into a long deep wonderful meat coma!!!! If you're planning on being in Denver, do me a favor, fast for a week straight and as soon as you get off the plane drive over to the Cricket and pound like you've never pounded before!!! Take my word for it, these burgers will bring about real life change to you!!! Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahaha!!!

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