Friday, September 2, 2011

Fuzzy's Taco Shop: Good atmosphere, Great food, Cheap beer!!

Simply put, this place is delicious! The food is absolutely awesome!!! Their chicken tacos are so incredibly flavorful that my head popped back in stunned pleasure as my taste buds encountered the combination of fowl, tortilla, veggies, and cheese!! But but but but but... the real joy of Fuzzy's is their vinegar based hot sauce!! What an absolutely unforgettable experience dousing and eating taco after taco after taco after taco after taco after taco after taco with their hot sauce!!! I mean it was unlike anything I've ever put on a taco!!! ... EVER!!!!!!!
Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Fuzzy's Taco's though is their atmosphere and cheap beer on tap!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! Now, I'm not talking about cheap as in bad, but cheap as in inexpensive! You can get a pint of Shiner for $3 and that's not even the happy hour price.... that's regular price!!!! Gosh!!! I loved the fact that in Texas beer on tap is so inexpensive!!! California is a g-dam ripoff when buying beer on tap!!! Sigh...
But I digress! On to brighter things! Fuzzy's has the feel of a bar, yet it isn't a bar!!! It's a fantastic taco shop that serves up cold beer at a good price! If I lived in Ft. Worth you can bet I would camp my ass at Fuzzy's and make it my local watering hole while sucking back tacos doused in their vinegar based hot sauce on a regular basis!!! Aboslutely unbelievable and brilliant!! We need places like this in California!!!! Now!!!! If we did, I would be there every day of the week!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Good food, festive atmosphere, and $3 Shiners on tap!!!! I loved this place!!!! Nuff said!!! Ahahahahahahaha!!!

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