Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pizza Port: Can't Get it Out of My Head!!!!

I originally came to Pizza Port because everybody I talk to says that their beer is the best around! I mean they have won multiple gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver CO, so yeah, I needed to sample this stuff and get myself into a little bit of a malted hops frenzy if you know what I mean!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I'm not going to lie, this beer is probably the finest I have ever had...EVER!!!! The nuttyness and richness of the Dawn Patrol Brown has completely sunk its teeth in to me, locked it's jaw, and won't let go!!!!! I mean seriously, I can't stop thinking about this beer!!!! It's all I think of morning, noon, and night!!! Honestly, what I really want to do is drive down to San Clemente after work each day and slurp Dawn Patrol's down until I'm numb!! I want to do it!!!!! But, I don't!!! Because if I did, well then, maybe I'd have a problem, right?..... Whatever!!! You want to know what the highlight of my week is?!?!?!?! Do you?!?!?!? The highlight of my week is the moment when I have the time to drive down to San Clemente, pull a seat up at the bar at Pizza Port and suck down a pint or two... or three or four of the Dawn Patrol, baby!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! While at work and if I get a free moment, I just go to the Pizza Port website and stare at their menu and the list of beers they have on tap and dream of sitting at the bar with a cold one while watching a baseball game!!! That's how I roll!! Let's just say when you sit at the bar while nursing your third Dawn Patrol.... You will feel no pain!!!! Believe me!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Also, do not forget about their pizza!! Don't do it!!!! Everybody I talked to kind of poo poo'd their pizza!!! Wrong move guys, wrong move!!!! When I was there the other day, and developed my post buzz hunger, I tried their pizza and found it to be one of the most succulent, delicious, and quality pies I have ever sampled!!! They know what the hell they're doing when it comes to beer and pizza!!!! That's a fact!!! The combination of pizza and beer at Pizza Port reminded me of a lover you have a deep connection with but who is never there when you wake up in the morning!!! (I'm not a mujeriego or anything, don't worry!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!) Now, Pizza Port won't break your heart, but this food and beer plays with your feelings, is easy to obsess over, and will cause you to spend every waking moment of your day thinking about!!! Damn you Pizza Port!!!! Damn you!!!!! I'll be thinking about you today and I long for the moment when we will meet again!!! Pizza Port!!!! Do it now!!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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