Saturday, September 10, 2011

Niki's Indian Food: Respect the Food!!!

I've recently discovered Indian Food and find it to be a brilliant departure from the usual pizza, burgers, and tacos that I tend to inhale when the dopamine craving starts flowing through my brain!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!! My usual MO is that when I get hungry, to pack down as much food as I possibly can!!!! It's an absolute highlight of my life and look forward to and obsess over each meal I will eat each day!!!! Some would say it's an unhealthy obsession... But I don't care!!!! Food is the epicenter of my existence!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
So when I came to Niki's, the plan was for me to consume so much food that I would be bleary eyed and in need to be carried out of there on a dolly! However, the food here left me not wanting to do that!! After a few bites of the chicken curry I felt a certain respectful restraint.... The flavors and exotic spices that make up Niki's Indian Food left me with the impression that I would be disrespecting the food here if I ate with the violent irresponsibility I am so accustomed to!! About a quarter of the way in to my meal the thought kept repeating in my head, "Respect the food... Respect the food... Respect the food..." Niki's Indian Food is nothing short of excellent and has the rare ability to keep my irresponsible and uncontrollable eating habits in check!!! I respect this food too much to make it part of my shameful binge eating lifestyle!!! Ahhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahaha!!! This place is just too sacred and special!!! Do you want something different and exotic?!?!?! Niki's baby!!! I'll be back Niki!! An exceptional change!!! Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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