Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oki-Dog: So Greasy, So Good!!!!

I was driving through mid-city the other day and I came across Oki-Dog! Actually, I had seen it on TV one night when I was starving so I knee jerkingly added it to my urbanspoon wishlist!!! And if it's on your urbanspoon wishlist, well then you've got to try it, right?!?!?!?! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!! There was one thing and one thing only that brought me to OKi-Dog the other day, the Oki-dog with cheese!!!!! I ordered two of them (one to eat there and one for the road). When I first got my Oki dog I ripped off the wrapper with a vengence and just sat and stared at that tortilla filled with cholesterol laden goodness. During those moments of staring at the grease soaked tortilla I just reflected and basked in the beauty of the moment which I was about to partake in!!! When I could stand it no more, I attacked that burrito and tor the head off it like a rottweiller going after a squeaky chew toy!!! Chili began squirting out of the sides of the tortilla like toothpaste running out of its tube!! Chili, grease, and melted cheese began flowing down on to my fingers and into the lap of my jeans!!! But I didn't care!!!! Not one bit!!! With the intense pools of grease, fat, and saltiness that resided in the Oki dog I was brought into a time of extreme bliss!!! Nothing else in the world mattered!!!! Ahahahahahaha!!! Upon eating the Oki-dog all of the problems of my life and the the problems of this world grew strangely dim!!!! After I got a few bites into it, I had to put my sunglasses on due the massive amount of grease on the pastrami!!! The brightness the pastrami was exuding because of the layers of grease on it was blinding!!!!! It was awesome!!!! Some people hate places like this because of the heaviness and greasiness of the food!! Not me, baby!! I thought Oki-Dog was beautiful!!!! When I got home later that night, the OKi-dog I had bought for later was even better than the one I had at the restaraunt. All of the grease, fat, and salt had ample time to just sit and soak and absorb into the meat!!! The Oki-dog I had later affected me like nothing else has in this world!!!!! I'll just say this, This place made me pull a Hasselhoff!! After a few bites I fell to the ground with my Oki-dog in hand and began stuffing my face with it while saying things like, "This is a mess!!!" and "Who said?!?!" and "I'll be fine!!!" and "I nevah have yew!!!" Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!! C'mon you've gotta love the Hoff!!

But perhaps one of the great highlights of the night was that right when I was walking out the doors of Oki-dog this guy came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy some of his hip-hop songs!!! It was classic!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Oki-dog is a true gathering place and beacon of light to the community of Los Angeles!!!! This food will affect you like few other places will!!! Have your doctor on call with those angioplasty tubes ready to go after you eat this food!!! But you've gotta live, right?!?!?!?! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Go to Oki-Dog!!! You WILL not regret it!!! Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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