Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hodad's: A Thing of Beauty!!!

I saw this place on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and had saliva drooling off of my tongue onto my shirt over their burgers and shakes while watching on TV!!! So, I made the trek down to OB and decided I was going to pound a little Hodad's, baby!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!
When I showed up to Hodad's there was a line out the door going all the way down to the corner of the street!!! I looked at my buddy and said, "Hey, we're here. Let's just grin and bear it!!!" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! But I've gotta say, in agreement with other reviewers, the line moves pretty fast!! It only took us like 25-30 minutes to get in!!!! While standing in line and watching the Newport Ave. beach trash walk up and down the street with their dreadlocks, body piercings, and blood shot eyes from the mornings bong tokes, it occured to me that very few, if any, OB locals ever eat at Hodad's. It seemed that the vast majority of the clientele were out of towners from the Mid-West with pasty white skin who wear polo shirts tucked into their plaid cargo shorts and those beat to hell Abercrombie and Fitch hats with the bill folded like a taco shell. Needless to say, it looked to me that this place was a complete tourist trap. But then again, I don't live in OB and for all I know maybe it was all locals!!!!
Anyway, on to the food!!!! I ordered a double bacon cheeseburger with fries, a basket of frings, and a chocolate shake!!!!! When I was ordering my food, the waiter looked at me and said, "dude, that's too much food! You're not going to be able to finish it all!!" Hey! Don't tell me my business boy!!! Don't you dare question my passion for eating or my food intake abilities!!! I mean, I didn't actually say that to the guy. He was being cool. I'm only saying that now to myself as I'm writing this review!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
My shake came out first and it was an absolute thing of beauty!!! It was so rich and so creamy and so sweet that I powered that thing down well before my burger and fries were brought out!! It reminded me of that scene in the movie Pulp Fiction when John Travolta and Uma Thurman are sitting in Jackrabbit Slims and Uma Thurman orders a "five dollar milkshake." John Travolta then asks her, "Did you just order a five dollar milk shake?" Uma Thurman says, "Yeah." When the shake is brought out to Uma, Travolta grabs a spoon and says, "I need to know what a five dollar milk shake tastes like." When he digs his spoon into the creamy concoction and places it into his mouth, he takes a moment and then says, "Damn, that's a pretty good F*%$#!% milkshake!!" With each mound of Hodad's chocolate milkshake that I scooped into my mouth, I kept saying to myself, "Damn, that's a pretty good F*%$#!% milkshake!!" Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! But at Hodad's the shakes are only $4.75.
When I was done with the shake, they brought the burger and fries out, and I gotta say, this burger was massive!! I mean, I couldn't even fit my mouth around the damned thing!! When I finally managed to wrap my lips around the bun and bite into it, the meat, cheese, bacon, veggies, ketchup, and grease just melted in my mouth!!! These burgers are so juicy and delicious!!!! And and and, after finishing all of my food, I was pretty full!!! Usually, I'd still be hungry and need more to eat, but Hodad's had the rare ability to make me feel full after one sitting!!! While slowly walking out of Hodad's I turned to my buddy and asked, "Was Hodad's worth the 30 minute wait." After giving it a little bit of thought, he responded saying, "Oh yeah!!!"
I would say these burgers and shakes live up to the hype!!! it's completely worth the 30 minute wait!! The only thing, is that you'll be eating with a lot of hodad's and not the typical burnt out San Diego beach trash you see walking through OB!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I kid because I love!!!!!! When in SD, hit this place and hit it hard!!!!!! Do it!!!!!

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